The Wall is an art performance in which I will be  trapped in a box. With a hammer and a chisel, and  the help of the public, I will have to make a hole (big  enough to get through) in the marble slab that  stands between myself and the exit. During the performance I will not leave the box.

The perforance is about the fact that we must dare to think in a new way, out-of-the-box, in order to find solutions to the global and complex problems that we have created. Because it does not make sense to seek solutions within the same framework of reflection that has plunged us into the situation we are faced with today. The only way to move forward together is to break down these mental walls and embrace a new way of thinking. This approach requires, however, both an individual and a collective effort. Real changes comes from within each and everyone of us. The more people do this, the faster we will be able to move forward.

I will visualize this metaphor by locking myself in a box. Between the exit and myself there will be an imposing stone slab that prevents me from leaving. The only way to free myself is to make a hole large enough to allow me to escape (= individual effort), using a hammer and a chisel. However, I invite the public to step into the box so that they can also make a dent on the other side (= the collective effort). The higher the number of participants, the faster I will be able to free myself from my enclosed space. The performance will end once the opening is large enough to allow me to get out.


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