I’LL SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE is a dynamic art installation featuring 42 plaster face masks of migrants currently stuck in Calais, France or Tangier, Morocco. This work highlights the reality of the dangerous journey that many migrants undertake in hopes of a better life. Some succeed, some fall short and others disappear. All masks were made on location in Calais and Tangier. The participants represented 17 different nationalities.

Over the course of the next 6 months (when the sea will be the most forgiving), these people will try (again) to cross either the North Sea or the Mediterranean to get into the UK or the EU. Every 2 months, the color of each mask will be changed to provide real-time status updates.

  • White = This person has safely arrived in England or in the European Union.
  • Grey = No change in status, this person is still stuck in Calais or Tangier.
  • Black = Contact with this person has been lost, for whatever reason.

Click here for more information about each mask and more detailed photos. Simply click on one of the masks.

The installation is currently on display in gallery Negenpuntnegen in Roeselare (Belgium) until the 27th of June 2022, after which it will move to another location (tbd).

My thanks and appreciation goes out to the many people who made this project possible: Sylvie Heem, Jonas (SHÜ-MOM ART), Sirwan, Sébastien, Nadia – Mariam – Paul – Concetta (Progetto Mondo), Touria Bouabid (Amnesty International Morocco), dr. Zakaria, Lydie, Simon Wardenier (photography), the Lameire family, Nadi and of course all the participants.

This project was made possible with the financial support of the Triodos Fonds and Stad Roeselare.

First update on April 27th 2022. Two months after the beginning of the project

Second update on July 26th 2022.

Third update on September 26th 2022.


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