Update: due to the current situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) the performance has been postponed.

New date to be determined.  

The Wall is the 7th art project of Belgian conceptual artist Floris Boccanegra.

The performance encourages people to let go of outdated mindsets as needed to find solutions for the complex and global problems that we are all facing.

It reflects our need to break through the various walls that have imprisoned our mindsand highlights the necessity for individual change and collective collaboration.

If you support this idea, the artist kindly invites you to enter the box and participate in this performance by helping to break the wall that is keeping him prisoner.

“In a place we like to call the Free World, it’s remarkable to see the many walls that we have built. Not the kind in stone or steel, but the ones we raised in our minds. The ones that were built to keep our dreams and ambitions prisoner in favor of the status quo. If we really want to change the world, we as individuals need to change. Only if we can do that, we can start tearing down these walls, one by one.” – Floris Boccanegra


The Wall (announcement)

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