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Valentina’s Nightmare aka ‘Done For The Day’

Valentina’s Nightmare aka ‘Done For The Day’ is a site specific installation that was created for the group expo: Entre le sommeil et le songe in Black Swan Gallery, Bruges (Belgium). The title refers to the Nyarubuye massacre that took place during the Rwandan genocide of 1994 in which an estimated 2.000 civilians were murdered inside and around the Nyarubuye Roman Catholic church. A place they went to, to seek refuge from the ongoing genocide. One of the survivors was a little girl, Valentina, who had seen her family killed and managed to survive in the church for more than 43 days before she was rescued.

The second title refers to the systematic nature of the killings, from sunrise until sunset. After which the perpetrators would stop for the day and hack their machetes (the weapon of choice) in a block of wood. Like a lumberjack does after a long day’s work.

During the group expo other works of the Machete Season were also presented. Including the piece: May 2nd 1994 – May 20th 1994 which is a timeline made of machetes to visualise the scale of the genocide. Each machete has about 4.000 stripes on it (engraved by myself), the minimum average (daily) kill count during the 1994 Genocide.

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